Agricultural & Garden Machinery Belts

We are Official Distributors for Pix Europe, we can offer a comprehensive range of Agricultural and Garden Machinery belts. Belts available from stock include:

Pix Europe 'X-set' machinery belts
  • Regular Section
  • Mower Belts
  • Combine Harvester and Tractor Belts
  • Double Sided Belts
  • Hexagonal Belts
  • Variable Speed Belts
  • Banded Belts

Differences between Agricultural/Garden Machinery and Regular 'Vee' Belts are that Agricultural Belts are made using Kevlar Cording. They are designed for efficient power transmission while minimising heat generation. Kevlar corded belts are recommended for mowers with a tensioner that engages and disengages.

The strengths and advantages of Agricultural and Garden Machinery Belts are:

A photo of multiple Pix Europe machinery belts
  • High Tensile strength
  • Excellent Resistance to Shock Loads
  • High Durability to Wear and Tear
  • High Resistance to Oil, Heat, and Cracking
  • High Resistance to Reverse Flexing
  • Reduced Slippage While Clutching

These belts have a longer life due to the belt's excellent abrasive resistant properties.

For any technical advice, enquiries or orders, please don't hesitate to get in touch.