Agricultural & Garden Machinery Bearings

Photo of a combine harvester Example of an agricultural bearing unit

We have a large range of Agricultural bearings available from stock as to reduce the downtime that farmers can't afford. Agricultural Bearings are used in applications such as Combines, Balers, Planters/Grain Drills, Lawn Mowers, Conveyors Augers, Strippers, and more.

They are mainly designed to stand up to extreme conditions and loads. There are different designs available but their basic components are:

Photo of a lawnmower - we offer garden machinery repairs
  • Inner and Outer Rings
  • Balls and Retainers
  • Inner Race can be Round, Square, or Hexagonal
  • Outer Race can be either Cylindrical or Spherical.

Additionally, most agricultural bearings are sealed on both sides with single, double, or triple lip. The bearing can be either non-relubricatable or relubricatable.

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